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Salt Lake Community College
Abuse of authority An arbitrary or capricious exercise of power that results in personal gain to the person exercising the authority or to another person
Conflict of interest Actual or potential conflicts of interest between an employee College duties and their private interests or conduct that violates a provision of SLCC Policy Chapter 2, Section 3.03, Conflict of Interest, External Employment, & Consultation
Gross mismanagement Employee action or failure to act, with respect to their responsibility, that causes significant harm or risk of harm to the mission of the College or other persons
Questionable or improper accounting or processing matters Examples include, but are not limited to:
  • The act of altering, fabricating, falsifying, or forging all or any part of a journal entry, document, contract, or record used to support a financial transaction for the purpose of gaining an advantage or misrepresenting the value of the journal entry, document, contract, or record
  • Inadequate preparation for College sponsored travel resulting in the potential for injury, death, illness, or hazard
  • Instances of use, misuse, or abuse of College's hardware, software, technology, or network resources that could adversely impact the College
  • Other questionable, improper, or concerning issues
Unethical conduct Any employee conduct that violates established ethical standards, faculty handbook, or other official materials that governs employee conduct, including:
  • Utah Code Title 67, Chapter 16, Utah Public Officers' and Employees Ethics Act, or
  • SLCC Policy Chapter 2, Section 3.16, Employee Conduct
Violation or suspected violation of a governmental law, rule, regulation, or guidance Failure to meet the requirement of any governmental rule, regulation, or guidance
Waste of College's funds, property, or human resources Improper or unauthorized use of College's resources, technologies, or personnel for personal gain
Violation or suspected violation of a Board of Regents or College policy not previously mentioned Failure to comply with any policy (except as noted) that is under the auspices of the Utah State Board of Regents or Salt Lake Community College