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Texas Tech University
Regulatory Compliance
Athletics Violations of NCAA regulations. (Examples include inappropriate payments or benefits to student-athletes; falsifying academic credit, transcripts, or entrance exams; recruiting violations; undue influence from alumni, regents, or unauthorized personnel.)
Care and Use of Animals in Research and Teaching Inappropriate care or use of animals involved in research/teaching. Non-compliance or failure to follow any legal or ethical rules and/or protocols, policies and procedures applicable to insuring the welfare of laboratory animals.
Privacy Violations Violation of HIPAA privacy rules related to protected health information.
Research Participant Concerns Violation of human subject (research participant) research protection programs and relevant regulations. Failure to protect the rights and welfare of research participants. Unethical treatment of research participants.
Security Violations Violation of HIPAA security rules related to electronic protected health information.
Unsafe Working Conditions Failure to meet requirements of providing a safe working environment. Potential areas of harm. Willful violation of federal, state, or local safety and/or environmental rules and regulations. (Examples include OSHA or EPA violations, poor housekeeping)