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Northern Border Pipeline Company
Compliance with Laws The Company will conduct its business in compliance with all laws, regulations and other legal requirements applicable wherever the Company is carrying on business.
Confidential Information In the course of employment, employees may have access to information that is non-public, confidential, privileged, or of value to competitors of the Company or that may be damaging to the Company if improperly disclosed. Employees must protect the confidentiality of information concerning the Company and its business activities as well as that of companies having business dealings with the Company. Employees who leave the Company have an ongoing obligation to keep such information confidential.
Conflict of Interest Employees must ensure that no conflict exists between their personal interests and those of the Company. Employees should also avoid placing themselves in positions that may be perceived as conflicts.
Corporate Opportunities Personnel are prohibited from taking personal advantage of opportunities discovered through the use of corporate assets, property, information or their position; using or deploying corporate assets, property, information or their position for personal gain; and competing with the Company.
Employment Practices The Company is committed to a workplace environment where employees are treated with dignity, fairness and respect. All employees have the right to work in an atmosphere that provides equal employment opportunities and is free of discriminatory practices and illegal harassment
Engineering Concerns Concerns regarding the compliance with the practice of engineering
Fair Dealing Personnel shall endeavour to deal fairly with the Company’s security holders, customers, suppliers, competitors and employees. Taking unfair advantage through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privilege, misrepresentation and other unfair dealing practices is unacceptable.
Fiscal Integrity and Responsibility All employees are responsible for protecting Company assets, and leaders are specifically responsible for establishing and maintaining appropriate internal controls to safeguard Company assets against loss from unauthorised or improper use or disposition
Fraud or Criminal Conduct Fraud is defined as an intentional deception, misappropriation of resources or the manipulation of data to the advantage or disadvantage of a person or entity. Some examples of fraud include: falsification of expenses and invoices; misappropriation of funds, securities, supplies or other assets; alteration or falsification of records or reports; impropriety in the handling or reporting of money or financial transactions; profiteering as a result of insider knowledge of company activities; any similar or related inappropriate conduct.
Health, Safety and Environment The Company is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment and protecting the public interest with standards and programs that meet or exceed industry standards and applicable government codes, standards and regulations in all jurisdictions in which it does business. All Company operations are to be conducted in a manner that protects the health and safety of our employees and all people in the communities where the Company operates. All Company employees are responsible for supporting the Company’s commitment to environmental responsibility.
Inter-Affiliate Codes of Conduct The Company is committed to ensuring that its operations are conducted appropriately and transparently. The National Energy Board (NEB), Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (AEUB), and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in the U.S. have established certain standards of conduct for regulated companies’ interaction with affiliated companies to safeguard against improper sharing of information, people, or resources and to ensure that affiliates of the regulated companies do not obtain an inappropriate advantage due to their affiliation.
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