You are currently in the confidential and secure reporting structure of EthicsPoint. Below are the choices available to you. Please click on the arrow (Arrow Example) to select the type of report you would like to make.

Respect and Non Harassment Disrespect for the beliefs of others, or interference with the right of others to practice their religious beliefs in freedom. Intimidation, hostility or other offensive behaviours toward individuals, including uninvited and unwelcome verbal, written or physical conduct directed at an individual because of his or her sex, religion, ethnicity, or beliefs.
Fair Treatment and Equal Opportunity Discrimination relating to recruitment, promotion, termination, or compensation. Allowing the use of child or forced labour. (Employees should utilise the HR grievance procedure for personnel grievances)
Safety, Health and Environment Violation of any law, regulation, corporate policy or procedure with respect to the health and safety of individuals, or the protection of the environment. Includes abuse of alcohol or other mood-altering drugs. (Employees are encouraged to rather use safety and environmental reporting channels, unless they feel uncomfortable doing so).
Respect for the Law Failure to comply with local or applicable international laws and regulations to which Alba and its employees are subject, such as international Trade Controls, and Anti-Competition and Money Laundering laws
Accurate reporting Questionable practices relating to financial or regulatory reporting. Includes for example inaccurate reporting of income, expenses, assets or liabilities, as well as inaccurate reporting of safety or environmental statistics.
Community and Political Relations Any improper dealings with a government or community representative.Working on a political campaign on Alba premises, during office hours, or using Alba equipment.
Conflicts of Interest A situation in which an employee or other person has a private or personal interest or relationship or outside employment, sufficient to appear to influence the objective exercise, or proper performance of his or her official duties.
Bribery and Corruption The direct or indirect offering or taking of any improper inducements to obtain favourable treatment, including the offering of kickbacks, gifts or favours to any person in a position of authority in order to obtaining or retain business, or influence an official act or decision.
Gifts and Entertainment Inappropriate offering, solicitation or accepting of gifts or entertainment from vendors, customers or other third parties.
Protecting our Assets against Fraud, Theft and Misuse Altering, fabricating, falsifying, or forging any part of a document for the purpose of gaining an advantage. Misappropriating funds or assets belonging to Alba or others, or misuse of company assets for personal gain.
Confidential Information Failure to protect the Company's and our employees and customer's non-public information and use of such information for non-legitimate purposes.
Use of Information Technology Unauthorized or inappropriate use of any Company computer, or system, including e-mail and internet.