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Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System
Accounting and Auditing Matters The unethical systematic recording and analysis of the business and financial transactions. (Examples include: misstatement of revenues, misstatement of expenses, misstatement of assets, wrongful transactions.)
Conflict of Interest A situation in which a person, such as a public official, an employee, or a professional, has a private or personal interest sufficient to appear to influence the objective exercise of his or her official duties. (Examples include: inappropriate vendor relations, misuse of confidential information, inappropriate customer relations)
Embezzlement Taking or using something that is the property of others or the organization and diverting it for personal use or giving it to others for personal use. (Examples include: cash, checks, equipment, supplies, drugs.)
Falsification of Contracts, Reports or Records Changing, falsifying, failure to document, in any part of a document for the purpose altering, fabricating, falsifying, or forging all or any part of a document, contract or record for the purpose of gaining an advantage, or misrepresenting the value of the document, contract or record. (Examples include medical records, accounting records, reports, submissions to a governmental organization)
Improper Receipt or Distribution of Gifts Receipt or distribution of gifts from an outside party, which my violate our Gifts, Tickets & Honoraria Policy. (Examples include patients, patient families, vendors, and other members of the public)
Kickbacks Illegal payments made to an individual or organization to facilitate or obtain favorable treatment for a transaction or appointment. (Examples include bribes)
Retaliation Punishing an employee for engaging in legal activity.
Sabotage or Vandalism Destruction of an employer's property (as tools or materials) or the hindering of manufacturing by discontented workers (Examples include: Equipment destruction, stealing, work slowdown, computer virus)
Substance Abuse The misuse of both legal and illegal drugs including alcohol to the extent that it impacts job performance. (Examples include: cocaine, narcotics, marijuana, stimulants)
Theft The act of stealing; specifically: the felonious taking and removing of property with intent to deprive the rightful owner of it.
Violation of Policy Willful or innocent actions that are in direct violation of company policy, procedures, Standards of Ethical Business Practices, and/or implied contractual responsibilities. (Examples include: non- disclosure agreements, hiring standards, safety, Internet usage, corporate guidelines)
Violence or Threat An expression of the intention to inflict evil, injury, or damage to a person or their property. (Examples include: direct, veiled, conditional, violent)
Other If you feel that the definitions above do not describe the event, action or situation you are looking to report about, please use this header.
Concern Use this type if you are not sure if you need to be concerned about a situation you observed.
Inquiry Use this type if you are asking a question about the legality of a transaction or situation that is not covered in any other category.