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Multnomah County Government
Conflict of Interest A public official, employee or a professional that has a private or personal interest sufficient to appear to influence the objective exercise of an employee’s official duties
Discrimination, Harassment or Retaliation The uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct directed at an employee because of his or her sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, beliefs, etc.; or discriminatory or harassing behavior toward an individual who has made a good faith report regarding a compliance issue.
Misconduct or Inappropriate Behavior Intentional wrongdoing; specifically: deliberate violation of a law, policy or standard.
Misuse of Assets or Services Unauthorized or fraudulent use of County facilities or equipment, misuse of assets or services. Improper or unauthorized use of County resources and technologies for personal gain.
Privacy / HIPAA Known or suspected privacy/security incidents, breaches, complaints or events involving protected health information (PHI/ePHI); possible violations of HIPAA, privacy policies or state/federal privacy laws/regulations
Theft Abuse of or fraud with County benefits, embezzlement, improper vendor or contractor activity, theft of client or County property or assets. Fraud, false claims, embezzlement, theft of money or property, false expense reports or vouchers, kickbacks. Or the unauthorized removal or taking of supplies, equipment, cash or materials.
Workplace Issues Possible violations of County policies, rules or practices.
Other events, actions, or situations not generally described above may still be appropriate to report to the Good Government Hotline. Please make your report and we will determine the best venue to process your complaint