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World Vision International
(World Vision International)
Adult (18 years of age or older) Beneficiary Abuse or Exploitation Report of abuse or exploitation of any adult beneficiary in a WV operational area or by a WV employee or affiliate. This includes any sexual relationship, even consensual, with an adult beneficiary.
Discrimination Report of discrimination in employment which violates applicable law or WV policy (based on race, gender, tribe, ethnicity etc.)
Financial Misconduct The deliberate violation of laws, organisational policies, controls, and professional standards in mishandling World Vision financial assets. This includes all forms of embezzlement, procurement fraud, nepotism, bribery, vendor fraud, product substitution, conflict-of-interest, and other matters which may cause financial loss to WVI, damage its reputation, or be otherwise detrimental to its interests.
Grievance Report of individual grievance, wrongful termination, retaliation, group grievance (of senior leadership), workplace threats or other P&C policy violation(s) or grievance(s) by a WV employee against another employee(s) or WV in general.
Harassment Report of harassment in employment, including sexual harassment, general harassment, bullying or verbal harassment
Harm to Children (under 18 years of age) including Abuse or Exploitation Report of abuse or exploitation of any child in in a WV operational area or by a community member, WV employee or affiliate. This includes any sexual relationship with a child, even perceived to be consensual.
Misuse of Non-Financial Resources The act of intentionally using World Vision non-financial resources or assets (vehicles, equipment, or property) for personal or unauthorized purposes.
Violation of Law, Policy, or other Misconduct Not Otherwise Specified A broad category for the intentional and deliberate violation of an organisational policy or local law, as well as other types of inappropriate or unprofessional behaviour or actions not in accordance with our code of conduct. This includes unlawful or dishonest activities not otherwise specified that put WV reputation, people, assets, or beneficiaries at risk.