Insurance Fraud Definition: Someone intentionally deceives another about an insurance matter to receive money or other benefits not rightfully theirs. (Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, 2008). 5 Legal Elements of Fraud include intentional misrepresentation, material fact, knowledge of falsity, induce another to act, victim suffers harm.

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Travelers (Fraud Line)
Auto Insurance Fraud Insurance fraud involving a business or personal auto claim. For example, car accident, trucks, tractor trailers, fleet vehicles, auto damage
Liability Insurance Fraud Insurance fraud involving a liability claim. For example, staged slip and fall, fake food claims
Property Insurance Fraud Insurance fraud involving business or personal property. For example, house, restaurant, jewelry, appliances
Underwriting/Policy Fraud Insurance fraud involving an insured or applicant. For example, misrepresentation on an application for insurance, premium evasion, or fraudulent certificates of insurance or automobile identification cards.
Workers Compensation Insurance Fraud Insurance fraud involving a workers compensation claim. For example, inflated injuries, fake injuries, upcoming layoff, old injury reported as new work related injury