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Corporate Ethics
Corporate Ethics
Accounting and Auditing Matters The improper recording of any business or financial transaction which is not in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles including the improper recording of revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities or equities. OR Any intentional misrepresentation of information, undue influence or independence concerns relating to interactions with external or internal auditors, including the appropriate oversight of audit functions or activities.
Discrimination or Harassment Uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct directed at an employee because of his or her sex, religion, ethnicity, or beliefs. (Examples include: bias in hiring, bias in assignments, wrongful termination, bias in promotions, bias in educational decisions, unfair compensation, inappropriate language)
Embezzlement Dishonestly appropriating or secreting assets by one or more individuals to whom such assets have been entrusted.
Falsification of contracts, reports or records Falsification of records consists of altering, fabricating, falsifying, or forging all or any part of a document, contract or record for the purpose of gaining an advantage, or misrepresenting the value of the document, contract or record.
Misconduct or Inappropriate Behavior Intentional wrongdoing; specifically: deliberate violation of a law or standard.
Retaliation Any action taken as a direct result of an employer to get back at an employee for doing something protected by law.
Substance Abuse Substance abuse is defined as the misuse of both legal and illegal drugs including alcohol. (Examples include: cocaine, narcotics, marijuana, stimulants)
Theft( Larceny, Burglary, Robbery) The act of stealing; specifically: the felonious taking and removing of personal property with intent to deprive the rightful owner of it.
Unsafe Working Conditions A condition where something exists that varies from a normal accepted safe condition and can result in injury, death, or property damage, if not corrected properly.
Violation of Policy Willful or innocent actions that are in direct violation of company policy, procedures, code of conduct, and/or implied contractual responsibilities. (Examples include: non- disclosure agreements, hiring standards, safety, Internet usage, corporate guidelines)
Violence or Threat Violence is an expression of the intention to inflict evil, injury, or damage to a person or their property. (Examples include: direct, veiled, conditional, violent)
Not otherwise listed Any employee relations concerns not specifically addressed by the other categories.