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Indiana University Foundation
Accounting & Financial Fraud The intentional misrepresentation or concealment of information in order to deceive, mislead, or acquire something of value. A fraud is an intentional deception perpetrated to secure an unfair gain.
Donor Stewardship Mishandling or misreporting of donor funds or information, including a violation of compliance with the donor's intentions and wishes.
Employee Misconduct Involves any employee conduct that is in violation of the Code of Ethics policy, Conflicts of Interest Policy, employee handbook or any other printed materials that govern employee conduct. Time abuse concerns about an employee or manager who are falsifying his/her work hours.
Misuse of IUF Resources Improper or unauthorized use of IUF assets or resources for personal gain or in violation of policy or legal regulations. Misuse of information technology. Unauthorized or improper usage or release of IUF data.
Other If you feel that the definitions above do not describe the event, action or situation you are looking to report about, please use this header.