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The RealReal, Inc.
Accounting and Auditing Matters The unethical recording of business and financial transactions associated with generally accepted accounting practices and concerns regarding questionable practices relating to accounting, auditing, financial reporting or disclosures, or internal financial controls. Also, any intentional misrepresentation of information, undue influence or concerns relating to interactions with external or internal auditors, or the oversight of audit functions or activities. (Examples include, but are not limited to: tax evasion, misstatement of revenues, misstatement of expenses, misstatement of assets, misapplications of accounting principles, wrongful transactions)
Benefits Inappropriate denial of Company-provided employee benefits, including health insurance, life insurance, long-term disability, short-term disability, stock purchase plan, 401K plan, flexible spending accounts, etc. (Questions and/or concerns regarding employee insurance claims denied by a third-party should be directed to the third-party administrator or the benefits hotline)
Bullying / Intimidation The act of forcing into or deterring someone from taking action by inducing fear or utilizing fear tactics in either words or actions.
Conflict of Interest A conflict of interest is defined as a situation in which an employee has a private or personal interest sufficient to appear to influence the objective exercise of his or her official duties. (Examples include: inappropriate vendor relations, misuse of confidential information, inappropriate customer relations, financial interest in a company that is, or seeks to be, a supplier of the Company.)
Discipline / Corrective Action Unfair, unwarranted or inappropriate disciplinary action.
Disclosure of Confidential Information Unauthorized and / or unlawful disclosure of corporately owned intellectual property or trade secrets, as well as employee, customer or consumer information, marketing and other corporate data bases, marketing plans, business proposals and strategies, unpublished financial information, personnel and medical records, or any record that is not public information.
Discrimination Uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct directed at an employee because of his or her sex, religion, ethnicity, or beliefs. (Examples include: bias in hiring, bias in assignments, wrongful termination, bias in promotions, bias in educational decisions, unfair compensation, inappropriate language)
Falsification of Documents, Reports or Records / Time Abuse Altering, fabricating, falsifying, or forging all or any part of a document, contract or record for the purpose of gaining an advantage, or misrepresenting the value of the document, contract or record. Concerns about the falsification of work hours, time records, or employees working off the clock.
Fraud The intentional misrepresentation or concealment of information in order to deceive, mislead, or acquire something of value; an intentional deception perpetrated to secure an unfair gain; omitting important facts or making false claims about the Company's product or service offerings and other similar exploitive or inequitable conduct.
Improper Giving or Receiving of Gifts (Kickbacks / Bribery) The giving, receiving or solicitation of items which could be reasonably interpreted as an effort to influence a business relationship or decision; items given, received or solicited for the benefit of an individual or an individual's family or friends; items given, received or solicited during or in connection with contract negotiations. The inappropriate offering, solicitation or accepting of items of more than nominal value from vendors, customers or other third parties in a capacity as an employee of the Company.
Leave of Absence Issues related to FMLA/State Leave laws, Military Leave and Personal Leave.
Misuse/Abuse of Company Assets, Services or Resources Use of Company resources or equipment without permission for non-business reasons, improper or unauthorized use of corporate resources, equipment, assets and technologies for personal gain.
Retaliation The firing, demotion, refusal to hire, denial of promotion, transfer, giving of unfavorable work assignments, giving of unjustified discipline or negative evaluations, compensation decrease, harassment or to otherwise "retaliate" against an individual for complaining of discrimination, participating in an investigation, or otherwise opposing inappropriate conduct.
Sabotage or Vandalism Destruction of an employer's property (as tools or materials) or hindrance of others' work for the purpose of causing a slowdown in workplace productivity. (Examples include: Equipment destruction, stealing, work slowdown, computer virus)
Safety Violation of any environmental law, regulation, corporate policy or procedure with respect to the handling and disposal of hazardous materials or the health and safety of others. Failure to provide an environment sufficiently safe for employees to perform all duties. (Examples include: environmental damage, OSHA, EPA, supervisor directive, poor housekeeping)
Securities Violations The purchase or sale of securities by a current or former employee, either personally or on behalf of others, on the basis of material, nonpublic information; also includes the communication of such material, nonpublic information to others so that they may buy or sell securities. (Examples of material, nonpublic information includes quarterly or annual financial results; financial forecasts; significant financial developments; possible mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures or divestitures; and significant product developments.)
Sexual Harassment Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that affects an individual's employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual's work performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment.
Substance Abuse / Testing Misuse of both legal and illegal drugs, including alcohol, while on Company business or premises or that may affect the safety of the workplace.
Termination / Job Elimination Unfair or unwarranted discharge from employment; or the elimination of or substantial change in an individual's current job NOT based on race, color, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, military status or marital status.
Theft The act of stealing; the taking and removing of property with intent to deprive the rightful owner of it; an unlawful taking (as by embezzlement or burglary) of property. Also includes attempted theft, even if the actual taking of property is not completed. Also includes those who facilitate and/or conceal the theft -- before, during or after the actual act -- but do not actually take the property or benefit from its taking.
Vendor / Contractor Concerns Concerns regarding the conduct of a vendor, contractor, or any other non-employee conducting business on Company property.
Violation of Policy Willful or innocent actions that are in direct violation of company policy, procedures, code of conduct, and/or implied contractual responsibilities. (Examples include: non- disclosure agreements, hiring standards, safety, Internet usage, corporate guidelines)
Wage/Pay Issues Concerns regarding any, but not limited to, the following: the employment of minors; failure to pay overtime; misclassification of employees as exempt instead of hourly; failure to pay at least minimum wage; failure to provide breaks and meal periods; failure to provide immediate payment of all wages due upon termination.
Workplace Violence A verbal or physical threat of bodily harm; any expression of the intention to inflict injury or damage to a person or property.
Other Any other issue in which the Reporter desires to file a report that is not described in any other category.