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City National Bank - Vendor
Business Practices
  • Business Practices (major deficiencies)
  • Business Practices (policy and/or procedural issues)
Conflicts of Interest
  • Conflicts of Interest (between clients, suppliers and vendors, or employees).
  • Gifts and Entertainment
  • Outside Affiliations (board or officer positions)
  • Outside Employment and Compensation (including ownership in other businesses)
  • Personal Fiduciary Appointments and Bequests
  • Relationships with Clients, Suppliers and Vendors
Doing Business with the Government
  • Government Contracts (including gifts & entertainment) - Violation of Company Policy and any law and/or regulation, in any jurisdiction, governing doing business with a government entity.
Fraud and Theft
  • Bribery or Kickbacks (nongovernmental)
  • Fraud or Illegal Activities
  • Theft
Information and Records
  • Client Information and Data Protection/Data Security (includes lost or compromised records and privacy matters)
  • Information Systems
  • Intellectual Property/Copyright, Proprietary or Confidential Information Issues, records management and Record keeping.
Legal and Regulatory Matters
  • Insider Trading
  • Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, Know Your Supplier Matters and OFAC
Media and Company Name
  • Company Name and Brand - Violation of Corporate Policy governing the use of the Company name and/or brand and/or communication with the media and/or public relations.
Physical Assets
  • Physical Assets - Unauthorized, unlawful or improper use of Company assets, including the unauthorized use of assets for other than legitimate business purposes.
Safety Matters
  • Physical Threats or Violence - Threat or violent act between employees and between employees and clients, suppliers or vendors.