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Medical Center Compliance
Confidentiality Improper disclosure of confidential patient information such as HIV/substance abuse or other confidential patient information.
Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Examples include: Billing irregularities involving Medicare or Medicaid. Billing for services not rendered or goods not provided; Falsifying certificates of medical necessity; billing for services not medically necessary; billing separately for services that should be bundled into a single service; falsifying treatment plans or medical records to maximize payments.
HIPAA privacy/security Violation of protected health information privacy or security rules.
Improper Supplier or vendor activity Supplier or contractor activity in violation of corporate policies and procedures; improper supplier or contractor selection based on personal gain, improper negotiation or diversion of contract awards.
Patient Rights/Patient Care Failures of those responsible for patient care to provide effective and compassionate patient care per patient rights policy, including respectful care, appropriate assessment and management of pain, access to medically necessary care, etc.

Issues involving discounts for uninsured or under insured patients.
Physician referrals and payments Physician refers his/her patient to facility for services where he/she and/or physician family member has financial interest.
Other All other issues.