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Human Resources
Bullying or Incivility Bullying, intimidation and humiliation are behaviors that are uncivil, unacceptable in the workplace, and not aligned with university values. The university expects all faculty, staff, and student employees to uphold the university values by being respectful and collegial in the workplace. For immediate attention regarding impaired workforce members, please also promptly escalate to the manager.
Nepotism Family members and/or domestic partners cannot be immediately responsible for the decision to hire, or the supervision, direction, evaluation, or salary recommendation of another family member.
Pay Issues Violation of salary and classification as well as applicable laws including FLSA.
Whistleblower/Retaliation - Not Related to Discrimination or Harassment An adverse employment action against an individual because she or he has made a protected disclosure or has participated in an investigation, proceeding or hearing involving a protected disclosure, not related to discrimination or harassment
Workplace Violence Threatening behavior and/or violent behavior that causes a disruption to the work environment and leads a reasonable person to fear for their physical safety; physical conduct that results in harm to people or property; possession of deadly weapons on university property; and/or use of university property or resources to engage in threatening or violent behavior.