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Georgia Tech - Research
Conflict of Interest It is suspected that a financial interest could affect the design, conduct, or reporting of activities funded or proposed for funding by a sponsor; or the personal interest of an employee or his or her family may prevent or appear to prevent the employee from making an unbiased decision with respect to the employee’s employment with the Institute. The employee, or a member of his or her Family, has a significant financial interest in a business which transacts business with the Institute. The employee, or a member of his or her family, has a significant financial interest in an entity that competes or may compete with the Institute for sponsored activities.
Conflict of Commitment An Employee undertakes external commitments which burden or interfere with the Employee’s primary obligations to the Institute. Conflicts of Commitment may arise out of consulting arrangements or with an entrepreneurial interest when a faculty member is involved in a startup company.
Institutional Conflict The institute has a financial stake in the outcome of its research programs or licensed technologies.
Federal Contract Violations False statements, claims, or charges as they relate to Federal Contract awards, performance, human trafficking, or closeout. Bribery, knowing failure to disclose, employment discussions between a government employee and Georgia Tech, unlawfully obtaining government source selection information. Failure to deliver or perform services that conform to contract requirements.
Gifts/Gratuities: Giving No member of the USG community shall directly or indirectly solicit, receive, accept or agree to receive a thing of value by inducing the reasonable belief that the giving of the thing will influence his/her performance or failure to perform any official action. The acceptance of a benefit, reward or consideration where the purpose of the gift is to influence a member of the USG community in the performance of his/her official functions is a felony under state law. Employees of GT, which includes GTRI, may not offer or provide a meal to government officials unless the meal is valued at less than $20, with an aggregate of $50 to the government official per calendar year. GT employees may not offer or provide transportation to a government employee unless that government employee pays the market value of the transportation. Government employees may not be transported by GT/GTRI or GT/GTRI employees between an airport/hotel and a GT/GTRI location. Government employees may be transported between or among GT/GTRI buildings located on a single site. Items of little intrinsic value, (such as greeting cards, plaques, certificates and trophies) which are intended solely for presentation, may be offered to government employees. These gifts must not exceed $20 in value per item and $50 per calendar year per government official.