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Georgia Tech - Athletics
Academic Misconduct Pre- or post-enrollment engagement by a prospective student-athlete, student-athlete, current or former institutional staff member, which includes any individual who performs work for the institution or the athletics department even if he or she does not receive compensation, for such work, or representative of athletics interests (e.g., booster) in arranging fraudulent credit, falsifying or failure to provide accurate academic information, or any violation or breach of institutional policy regarding academic honesty or integrity.
Amateurism Engagement by prospective or current student-athletes in activities that compromise amateur status, including but not limited to contact/relationships with agents, participation in professional sports, and/or the endorsement of commercial services/products
Discrimination/Misconduct Any discriminatory or inappropriate activity (e.g., including but not limited to discrimination or misconduct based on gender, sex, race, religion, etc.).
Financial Aid Misconduct Impermissible financial aid conduct including but not limited to arrangement of non-athletics aid outside or cancelation, nonrenewal, or reduction of athletically related financial aid outside of institutional and NCAA guidelines.
Licensing Unauthorized use of GT Athletics marks.
Preferential Treatment/Extra Benefits Any special arrangement by a GTAA employee or representative of the institutionís athletics interests (e.g., booster) to provide:
  • A prospective student-athlete and/or a prospective student-athleteís friend(s) or family with a benefit intended to influence a recruiting decision and/or solicit commitment or enrollment; or
  • A student-athlete and/or a student-athleteís friend(s) or family with a benefit not expressly authorized by the NCAA. Preferential treatment/extra benefits may include, but are not limited to employment, gifts, cash, loans, access to services, and transportation.
Recruiting Misconduct Recruiting activities outside of permissible NCAA guidelines including, but not limited to:
  • Impermissible recruiting contact;
  • Impermissible telephone calls or other recruiting correspondence;
  • Impermissible recruiting inducements; and
  • Engagement of third parties in the recruiting process.
Sports Wagering/Gambling Activities Sports wagering, including the placing, soliciting, or accepting of a wager on any intercollegiate, professional, or amateur team and/or contest, or participation in any activities aimed at influencing the outcome of a game and/or contest for gambling or sports wagering purposes.
Substance Use/Abuse Substance use/abuse by athletics personnel or student-athletes contrary to institutional and/or NCAA guidelines.