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Confidential Reporting
TSTC has developed a system wide value statement based on integrity that stresses accountability and good stewardship. We are committed to demonstrating its worthiness of the public trust and striving to create a culture with zero tolerance for fraud. To this end, TSTC has selected EthicsPoint to provide you with simple, risk-free ways to anonymously and confidentially report activities that may involve criminal, unethical, or otherwise inappropriate behavior in violation of TSTC policy.
To File a Report

Do not use this site to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response. If you require emergency assistance, contact your respective TSTC Police Department
You may use any of the following methods to submit a report:
  • Select the TSTC location from the list to the left, or
  • Call (866) 294-8695 (toll free), or
  • Para hacer una denuncia en espanol, favor de llamar (866) 294-8695.
After you complete your report, you will be assigned a unique code called a "report key." Write down your report key and password and keep them in a safe place. After 5-6 business days, use your report key and password to check your report for feedback or questions.
Our Commitment
Persons making reports are not required to provide their names, and TSTC will treat the investigation of any report as a confidential matter. Reports submitted to EthicsPoint will be forwarded to the proper officials for appropriate action. No faculty or staff member may be subjected to reprisal or retaliation for making a report or inquiry in good faith or for seeking guidance on dealing with potential or suspected improper behavior.
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