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Babson College Whistleblower

Babson College is committed to provide a safe and ethical workplace for all members of the Babson community. To help ensure this commitment, Babson College has partnered with EthicsPoint to provide a reporting tool to bring possible violations of financial policy or financial reporting fraud to the attention of the College. All reports made to EthicsPoint are confidential and all reporters are protected from any form of retaliation.

Reports will be forwarded to the Chairman of the Audit Committee and proper action will be taken. Existing channels of communication are still available to Babson employees for other issues and you are encouraged to express concerns to your supervisor or to the Office of Human Resources.

To File a Confidential Report

Click on the link on the left Make a Financial report
EthicsPoint Web page accessible from any computer
Toll-Free Phone 1-800-422-1054

Once a report is filed, you will be assigned a unique report key and a password. You will use this report key and password to check your report for comments or additional questions.


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