Our Commitment

Salt Lake Community College is dedicated to providing our students, staff and community ethical stewardship of resources entrusted to our care. Salt Lake Community College gives total support to ethical practices and ethical treatment of those in the College community.

We value your input. We have selected EthicsPoint to provide our community with an anonymous and confidential method to hear your concerns or report of misconduct. Please take some time to review the SLCC Ethics policy. If you find that you have concerns of misconduct, please voice your concerns through this reporting process. The information you provide will assist SLCC in maintaining an ethical and appropriate workplace.

Our commitment to you is that reporters have the opportunity to remain completely anonymous. Reports submitted via EthicsPoint are confidential. We appreciate your support and cooperation in keeping SLCC an ethical institution from top to bottom.

What is the Salt Lake Community College Ethics Hotline?

The SLCC Ethics Hotline is a comprehensive reporting tool that assists management and employees to work together to address ethics violations. It will include both a toll-free telephone number and a secure website for internet-based reporting. Addressing ethics violations in the workplace early on will help minimize negative morale issues and financial impact.

What to Report

The hotline system is designed for reporting suspected violations of laws, regulations, or SLCC policies or ethics. In most cases, these suspected violations should first be discussed with your immediate supervisor, except when the supervisor is involved. In this case, discuss it with the next level supervisor, who will advise you as to the appropriate action to be taken. If administrative channels for resolution do not exist, or have been exhausted, or you wish to remain anonymous the hotline is available for reporting these suspected violations. It is not a substitute for employment-related grievances or appeals, or student/academic issues, as SLCC policy and procedures provide administrative channels for resolution of these issues. Do not report these matters directly to the hotline system. The time spent in reporting a matter to the hotline instead of following SLCC policies and procedures could result in a delay and jeopardize your ability to resolve a grievance or appeal within the established timelines.

If you are uncertain whether a situation violates SLCC policies or is illegal, you may use the hotline system to obtain clarification. We would rather have you ask than let potential problems go unchecked.

  • For Employee Grievances refer to College Policy and Procedure 3.06 on Employee Grievances or call the Human Resources Office at 801-957-4601.
  • For Student complaints/Academic Affairs refer to Dean of Students at 801-957-4004.
  • For EEO- discrimination and/or harassment refer to Mozelle Orton, Director SLCC EEO at 801-957-4687 or 801-957-4561.
EthicsPoint is NOT a 911 or Emergency Service:
Do not use this site to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response. If you require emergency assistance, please contact your local authorities.