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Financial Reporting The deliberate and improper recording or reporting of business and financial transactions (Examples include: misstatements of revenues, expenses, assets, or liabilities, misapplications of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or wrongful transactions.)
Internal Control Concerns regarding questionable practices relating to accounting, auditing or internal controls.
Financial Irregularities An intentional misstatement or omission of information related to financial transactions that is detrimental to interests of the university, includes embezzlement, fraud, or falsification of university records to misappropriate assets.
Athletics Issues dealing with University’s intercollegiate athletics programs (NCAA) and non-intercollegiate programs including physical education, Outdoor Education, intramurals and recreation.
Environmental Compliance Violation of any environmental law, regulation, university policy or procedure with respect to the outdoor handling and disposal of wastes or hazardous materials, spills or releases of oil or other pollutants to the air, ground or waterways, or other threat to the outdoor environment. Violations may include Environmental Compliance Program Administrative Requirements related to the above.
Environmental Health and Safety To report non-emergency concerns and issues relating to health, safety or the environment. This may include unsafe work practices, policies or directives, violations of University policies, or violations of local, state or federal regulations including environmental, workplace safety, fire code and other regulations.
Research Issues pertaining to research programs (Examples include misuse of animals, misappropriation of sponsor funding, conflict of interest).
Ethical Conduct To report a potential violation of the university policy "Standards of Ethical Conduct" or to report other policy violations not addressed in the above categories.