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Our company culture is based on core values which define the character of the Marvin Companies. These values, set forth in our Vision, Values, and Guiding Principles of Ethical Behavior, are organized around three fundamental beliefs; Integrity, Excellence, and Respect for Others. These Guiding Principles provide a standard of integrity and business conduct that each of us is expected to understand and honor. They acknowledge that our commitment to ethics is a serious and shared responsibility.
The Guiding Principles Address:
  • Expectations of the Company, Its Employees, & Associates
  • Responsibilities to Safeguard Assets
  • Relationships with Others
  • Accuracy of Financial Records
  • Legal Responsibilities of the Company
  • Administrative of the Guiding Principles of Ethical Behavior
Other Support
Employee Assistance Programs:
(Counseling Services for Employees)
Please Use the Appropriate Channels
To Report Potential Violations
The most efficient and effective manner to report Handbook policy, behavioral, HR, and work rule concerns is to report them directly to your Supervisor. Your Supervisor is in the best position to provide the most timely response. If the issue involves your Supervisor, please contact your local HR and/or Plant Manager. If you feel your local Managers have not responded to your concerns in an ethical manner, please use EthicsPoint to report specific information as to why you believe their response was unethical.
HR and Local Managers:
To Report Potential Violations via EthicsPoint
Please Select Your Facility from the List Below:
Manufacturing Locations:
Sales, Retail, and Support Locations:
To access the Ethics Hotline via phone:
Within the U.S.
1-866-294-5328 (Toll Free)
Honduras and Japan
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