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American Thoracic Society Code of Ethics for Fiduciary Responsibilities
As leaders and employees, the Board of Directors and staff of the Society are entrusted fiduciaries of the Society. Members believe in us, support us and trust us with Society resources. We accept the responsibility to treat Society resources with the utmost of care and to adhere to the highest ethical standards. To that end, we acknowledge the principles (see attached Code of Ethics) that will guide us, and we acknowledge the oversight of fiduciary activities which will be provided by the Audit and Finance Committee of the Society.
American Thoracic Society Policy on Non-Discrimination, Harassment, Professionalism and Ethical Conduct
The American Thoracic Society is committed to providing its employees a working environment free from discrimination and harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment. In accordance with its Policy on Ethical Conduct in ATS Activities, ATS is also committed, as a policy matter, to ensuring that its Board members, Committee members, other volunteers, and consultants can perform their valuable services to ATS free of harassment and discrimination.
ATS Policy
All current ATS employees are encouraged to report activity that they honestly consider to be improper, dishonest, or in violation of law. ATS is anxious to learn about any such situations and to take whatever corrective action is warranted. If an employee has knowledge of, or a concern about, improper, dishonest, or illegal activity, the employee should make a report. Protections are provided to employees who make these reports in two important ways -- confidentiality and non-retaliation. An employee may choose to remain anonymous when filing a report.
To Make a Report
You may use either of the following two methods to submit a report:
  • Call 866-294-9426 (toll free), or
  • Select the Make a Report link.
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