Our Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics

This code applies to all full and part time Astrazeneca group directors, officers, employees and other temporary staff worldwide.


Our Code of Ethics

Failure to comply with this code or its supporting policies will be fully investigated and appropriate action taken.

This may include re-training, discipline, or other corrective action, up to and including termination of employment, depending on the circumstances.

Our business activities touch many people's lives, including patients, physicians, shareholders, employees, regulators, partners, those who pay for healthcare and the communities around us.

Maintaining the trust and confidence of these groups means ensuring that our high level values are translated into consistent and appropriate behaviour worldwide.

Everyone is required to be aware of, and conduct their activities in accordance with this Code, all supporting policies and applicable codes, and the laws and regulations of the countries in which we work and do business.

We must operate to the highest of the standards required by these various authorities, and always have due regard to national legislative requirements, as a minimum, and to circumstances where the laws of more than one country may apply.

Managers are responsible for providing appropriate support to enable their teams to understand the requirements of this Code and the relevant supporting policies and how they should be applied in practice. Managers are also responsible for providing assurance on these matters to the Board of Directors of AstraZeneca.

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