The Board of Directors of the WVU Foundation, Inc. and executive leadership are committed to a working environment that: (1) operates with the highest standard of professional excellence in all activities and deliberations; (2) exercises integrity in all dealings, both externally and internally; and (3) exhibits responsibility and accountability to the constituents who support and place their trust in the Foundation. In demonstration of that commitment, the Foundation is partnering with EthicsPoint to provide a simple anonymous way for employees and constituents to confidentially raise ethical concerns.



Employee and constituent concerns are very important to the Foundation. Your cooperation is essential to reporting and resolving issues that could harm Foundation efforts to carry out its corporate responsibilities. All employees and constituents, acting in good faith, should report conduct that may violate state and/or federal laws or regulations, local ordinances, or Foundation policies.



Communicate a misconduct report by calling toll-free 1.800.481.5285. Voice calls are fielded by an EthicsPoint representative who will ask a series of questions to obtain sufficient detail of the concern and allow for further investigation.



Misconduct reports will be handled promptly and discretely. Every phone call is kept confidential. No information likely to reveal your identity will be shared with anyone else without your permission.



All misconduct reports are given careful consideration. Individuals can expect confidential follow-up comments or questions through EthicsPoint within 5 to 10 business days depending on the nature of the report.



This hotline service does not replace or supersede existing reporting methods. The Foundation strongly encourages employees and constituents who have reasonable belief of misconduct to report such information through the normal lines of communication. An individual should use the Hotline when he or she is uncomfortable with existing reporting avenues. Use good judgment in utilizing this reporting system.