Dear Brothers and Sisters:

As a step that we are taking to ensure reporting of misconduct and to build up trust with parishioners, parents and employees, I want to remind you of a tool that is available to you to report sexual misconduct, financial misconduct or safety issues you identify. We have an arrangement with EthicsPoint which is a web-based reporting method, that allows anonymous reports of sexual or financial misconduct. This is but one way to report such issues. You may still report this to your pastor, principal, or to a diocesan official.

I would like to assure you that the Diocese of Monterey is committed to openness and transparency in our dealings with the faithful and other members of the public. The EthicsPoint website is one way we are working toward this goal. When a report is made either through EthicsPoint or by reporting misconduct to the Diocese, we are committed to investigating and resolving all claims of misconduct in these and other areas. EthicsPoint will accept reports of misconduct through its website or hotline telephone number and provide a complete report to the Diocese of Monterey. We will then continue the investigation and determine how best to resolve the issues.

The Diocese of Monterey maintains strong policies to protect our children and young people’s physical, mental and sexual integrity and to protect the funds entrusted to our parishes, schools and departments. Please see our website for more information on these policies. If you would have a concern regarding either of these two important issues, please make a report.

You may either contact EthicsPoint via the internet at (or there is a link on our website, or call EthicsPoint at 800-868-8357 or by contacting the Chancellor, Deacon Hugo Patino or the Director of Human Resources, Susan Mayer at 831-373-4345.


Bishop of MontereyMay God bless you in your ministry.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Daniel E. Garcia, D.D.
Bishop of Monterey