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To File a Report

The Kroger Co. and its family of companies are committed to complying with the law and dealing ethically with customers, suppliers, associates and shareowners. The requirements of ethical behavior transcend the particulars of a policy or law.

All Associates have a responsibility to report any concerns or violations of law or policy, including the following:

  • Improper Accounting
  • Conduct Designed to Mislead Auditors
  • Violations of Law
  • Violations of the Company’s Policy on Business Ethics
  • Sexual Harassment or Other Forms of Harassment

These concerns or violations may be reported through any of the following means:

  • You may discuss these issues with your immediate supervisor.
  • If not, you may discuss your concerns with your manager or your Human Resources representative.

To report complaints or concerns directly to the Audit Committee of The Kroger Co. Board of Directors—anonymously if you choose—choose one of the following means:

  • You may file an inquiry or report through this secure, confidential website by selecting "Make a Report" from the menu above. If you do not know your location, click here.
  • You may call our toll-free, confidential, KROGER HELP LINE, 1-800-689-4609.

Preventing dishonesty, violations of safety or health hazards, on-the-job harassment, shrink, theft, workers’ compensation fraud, criminal activity or any other threat to your job security is to everyone’s advantage and is your responsibility.