Stryker Data Privacy Consent

Please note each country has some type of data privacy laws and regulations. By submitting a report through Stryker’s Ethics Hotline, you are agreeing to these requirements. If you do not wish to accept these requirements, we are unable to accept information through this system and would ask that you please report this matter directly to your local management, Human Resources representative, Compliance representative or Legal representative. To review Stryker’s Data Privacy and Protection notice please click here. If you agree, please check the consent box below. You will then be able to submit your report.

I have read and agree with the contents of the "Stryker Data Privacy Consent" form above

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Stryker Employees are expected to raise concerns about conduct which we believe in good faith to be unethical or a violation of policy/law. All reports and complaints are expected to be made in good faith. The Company’s policies expressly prohibit any form of retaliation against employees who in good faith and for lawful purposes report any suspected improper, unethical or illegal conduct or activities by anyone at the Company.