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Rolls-Royce Ethics Line

Common questions and answers

What is the Ethics Line?

The Rolls-Royce Ethics Line is a service provided by the company that allows anyone — employees, customers, suppliers, or members of the general public — to ask questions, raise concerns, or follow up on questions or concerns about ethical issues which they have already raised.

Who operates the Ethics Line?

The Ethics Line is operated by EthicsPoint, an independent company. EthicsPoint’s independence from Rolls-Royce is designed to give employees an added level of comfort and security that their reports will remain confidential.

Why do we have an Ethics Line?

Rolls-Royce is committed to creating and maintaining an environment where you can ask questions and raise concerns about business ethics without fear of retaliation. Like many large companies, Rolls-Royce provides the Ethics Line as an optional service for employees to ask questions or raise concerns about issues related to our Code of Conduct. Although most questions and concerns can be easily and promptly resolved by discussing them with your manager, the Ethics Line provides an additional way to get help should you feel uncomfortable asking questions or expressing concerns to management. The Ethics Line is not intended to replace conversations between employees and their managers, but rather to provide an additional resource to employees.

If I see something that concerns me, shouldn't I just raise it with my manager, security, or human resources and let them deal with it?

When you observe behaviour you believe breaches our Code, we expect you to raise it. Ideally, you should bring any concerns forward to your manager or other members of the management team. But we know that there may be circumstances when you are not comfortable raising the issue in this manner. It is for such circumstances we have partnered with EthicsPoint.

When should I use the Ethics Line?

You should use the Ethics Line whenever you have an ethical issue that you would prefer to take to an independent party rather than to your manager or someone else you work with. Your decision to use the Ethics Line is entirely voluntary.

Does management really want me to raise my concerns?

We do. In fact, we need you to raise them. You know what is going on in our company - both good and bad. You may have initial knowledge of an activity that may be cause for concern. Raising a concern can minimise the potential negative impact on the company and our people. Also, offering positive input may help identify issues that can improve the business performance and make it an even better place to work.

What happens when I ask a question?

When you ask a question it will be directed to the Business Ethics Team at Rolls-Royce who will provide a response back through the Ethics Line.

What type of concerns should I raise?

The EthicsPoint system is designed for employees to report any breach of our Code of Conduct, or another concern you may have.

Can I get in trouble for using the Ethics Line?

No. The Ethics Line is provided for your use and protection. Retaliation against anyone who raises an ethical concern in good faith is not acceptable and such behaviour will be taken seriously and investigated. Anyone who engages in retaliation will be disciplined.

What if this is an emergency?

Concerns about an immediate threat of physical harm or damage to property should not be reported to EthicsPoint. If you require emergency assistance, you should immediately contact your local authorities.

May I raise a concern using either the internet or the telephone?

Yes. With EthicsPoint, you have the ability to raise a concern in confidence either by telephone or the Internet.

How do I use the Ethics Line?

The Ethics Line has two methods of intake. The first is by toll-free telephone number, which is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. When you call, a professionally trained EthicsPoint intake specialist will guide you through a series of questions designed to identify the relevant details of your question or concern.

We encourage you to give your name and contact information and the intake specialist will note that information. If you choose to remain anonymous, EthicsPoint will make no effort to trace the call or take steps to learn your identity. If you choose to identify yourself when you contact the Ethics Line, Rolls-Royce will make every reasonable effort to hold your name in confidence during the investigation or follow up.

At the conclusion of the call, the intake specialist will summarise the information you have submitted and make any changes necessary to make sure that you are satisfied with the accuracy of your question or concern.

Rolls-Royce has established toll-free numbers in countries where the company operates. Multilingual operators are available so that callers can ask questions or raise concerns in their own language.

The second option is to use the web intake portal system. The intake portal is available anywhere that you have access to the internet. The intake portal asks you for the same types of relevant details about your question or concern as the telephone-based system. Again, if you choose to remain anonymous, EthicsPoint will make no attempt to track your web address or otherwise identify you.

Like the telephone-based system, the web intake portal system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. You may access it from any computer that has an internet connection.

What happens when I raise a concern?

Whether made by telephone or by the web, all concerns are reviewed promptly by a professionally trained EthicsPoint intake specialist. A report is then sent to the Rolls-Royce Business Ethics Team that supports the region to which the concern relates.

The Rolls-Royce Business Ethics Team is notified so that they can begin to investigate and address your concern. A prompt and thorough investigation will be conducted. Appropriate remedial action will be taken to address breaches of the Code of Conduct or our policies. Those responsible for following up on your matter are professionals who are trained to handle the issue with the greatest possible discretion.

All reports are entered into a database for record keeping and case management purposes. If you have documents, recordings, photos, or video, you may also send these to EthicsPoint, and they will become part of the report case file.

May I partially complete the form and return to complete it later?

No, because the EthicsPoint web intake portal will “time out” if you remain inactive for a period of several minutes, so you should choose a time and place where you can use the system to complete the form in one sitting.

What if I remember something important about the incident after I complete the form?

When you raise a concern, either using the Internet or by telephone, you receive a unique report key and are asked to select a password. With the report key and your password, you can return to the EthicsPoint system again, either by Internet or telephone, and access the original report. At that point, you can add more details.

What should I do if I lose my Report Key or password?

Because of the high level of confidentiality that is maintained for reports, if you lose your report key or password, you will be required to file a new report. You can mention in the new report that this matter relates to another report you filed earlier.

Is the Ethics Line secure?

Yes, your question or concern is entered directly onto the EthicsPoint secure server to prevent any possible breach in security. Only a very select number of Rolls-Royce personnel have access to this information. The goal of the Ethics Line is to facilitate the free flow of information by providing a safe and secure way for people to express their questions and concerns.

Should I identify myself?

If you choose to identify yourself in raising your concern, the company will make every reasonable effort to hold your name in confidence during the investigation. Many investigations can be more quickly and effectively completed when the reporter is identified because it allows company investigators to follow up directly with the reporter.

May I remain anonymous?

In all countries except those that prohibit anonymous reporting, you may choose to remain anonymous. Although it may be easier in many cases to address your issue by having you identify yourself, you are not required to do so. If you choose to remain anonymous, no effort will be made by either EthicsPoint or Rolls-Royce to identify you.

How will I receive information on the status of my case?

You will be given a report key and password. Make sure you record these and keep them in a safe place. You may use your report key and password to re-contact EthicsPoint to check on the status of your case, provide more information, or answer follow-up questions from those who are investigating the matter.

If I remain anonymous, how can investigators contact me for follow up?

When you are given your report key and password, you will be able to follow up with EthicsPoint either by telephone or through the web. If an investigator wishes to contact you regarding your concern, the investigator can leave you a message or ask you a question through EthicsPoint.

What if my boss or other managers are involved in a concern? Won’t they get the report and start a cover-up?

Only a very select number of Rolls-Royce personnel have access to these reports. The EthicsPoint system and distribution protocols are designed so any individuals named in the report are not notified about or granted access to reports in which they have been named.