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A Message From Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor, Executive Chairman
Since 1957, our employees have exceeded our customers' expectations by building relationships one handshake at a time and one kept promise at a time. Today we are an industry leader because we honor those promises by holding ourselves to the highest standards of business ethics and conduct.
Doing what is right is the personal responsibility of each and every employee and must always be an integral part of our mission.
We believe that our employees, vendors and business partners should be able to easily report ethics and misconduct concerns. That is why we have created this website tool and hotline.
If you are not comfortable addressing, or are not able to address, a violation of ethical practices with your supervisor, next-level supervisor or member of your Group's Compliance and Ethics Committee, or, if you are not an employee, with a member of Enterprise Holdings management, please follow the reporting procedures outlined on this site.
Our company's success is built on the commitment, hard work and integrity of our employees. Thank you for supporting our commitment to the highest ethical standards.
Andy Taylor
Andrew C. Taylor
Executive Chairman
Enterprise Holdings
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