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Welcome Message

Welcome to, your single source for information regarding the Checkpoint Ethics Program.

Our Global Ethics Policy (the "Ethics Policy") establishes the core principles and policies that guide all of the employees of Checkpoint Systems, Inc. and its affiliates throughout the world (“Checkpoint”) regarding proper business practices and conduct. You will find a complete copy of the Ethics Policy on this site, as well as set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) which explain what the Ethics Policy means, how you can obtain answers to your questions about the Ethics Policy and how you can report possible misconduct, along with a few illustrations of the ways in which the Ethics Policy governs specific situations and circumstances.

You will also find information here concerning our Ethics Committee, which consists of nine (9) employees, who were chosen for their capabilities and their independence, and an outside Ethics Officer. The employees represent Checkpoint’s global workforce, with two (2) representatives from North America, three (3) representatives from Europe, one (1) representative from the Caribbean/Latin America region and three (3) representative from the Asia/Pacific region.

The Committee reviews questions and investigates reports of possible misconduct under the Ethics Policy. The Committee reports its findings and recommendations directly to the Governance Committee of the Company’s Board of Directors in order to ensure the Committee’s complete independence.

Employees and other interested persons who wish to pose a question or report possible misconduct under the Ethics Policy can contact the Ethics Committee in any number of ways including (i) our “hotline” service, which can be accessed either through the internet or by a toll-free telephone number from any location in the world, (ii) direct contact with Ethics Committee members and (iii) direct contact with the Ethics Officer. Information concerning all of these access points can be found on this site as well.

Checkpoint is committed to maintaining high ethical standards for the conduct of our business throughout the world. We hope this site – – provides you with all the information you require about our Ethics Policy. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us.