Our Commitment

Marymount University is committed to conducting its activities in compliance with all applicable laws and the highest ethical standards. To support this commitment, the University has developed policies and procedures for its various areas of operation and adopted a Code of Ethics. You may click the links above to access Marymount’s Code of Ethics and the University’s Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment policy. For more detailed information, please see the University’s Employee Handbook.

Marymount has selected EthicsPoint to provide a simple way for employees to anonymously and confidentially report concerns about activities or behavior that may be illegal, unethical, or in violation of University policy.

Please note that this service is not intended to replace or supersede existing reporting methods. Marymount employees are encouraged to report concerns directly to their supervisor, to the vice president responsible for the area involved, or to the Office of Human Resource Services. EthicsPoint simply provides an additional means of reporting concerns about any aspect of College compliance that you are uncomfortable raising through regular channels and can be particularly appropriate for those cases where the reporter wishes to remain anonymous.

You may file an anonymous report online by selecting the appropriate category from the list to the right, or by calling (888) 355-9973.

Reports submitted via EthicsPoint will be handled as promptly and discreetly as possible, with facts made available only to those who need to know in order to investigate and resolve the matter. University policy prohibits the taking of retaliatory action against anyone who reports an issue or concern in good faith. EthicsPoint and Marymount University are committed to safeguarding the confidentiality of individuals who submit reports; however, in some instances the University may be limited with respect to the actions it can take in response to a report if the individual submitting that report does not wish to make his or her identity known.

To Make a Report

Accounting & Financial
Accounting and Auditing Matters, Donor Stewardship, Falsification of Contracts, Reports or Records, Fraud, Improper Disclosure of Financial Records, Improper Giving or Receiving of Gifts, Improper Supplier or Contractor Activity, Theft / Embezzlement, Waste, Abuse or Misuse of Institute Resources, or other similar issues.
Conflict of Interest, Data Privacy, Environmental and Safety Matters, Fraud, Human or Animal Research, Intellectual Property Infringement, Misappropriation or Disclosure, Research Grant Misconduct or Misappropriation of Costs, Scientific Misconduct, or other similar issues.
Human Resources
Conflict of Interest, Discrimination or Harassment, EEOC or ADA Matters, Employee Benefits Abuses, Employee Misconduct, Nepotism, Offensive or Inappropriate Communication, Sexual Harassment, Threat or Inappropriate Supervisor Directive, Time Abuse, Unsafe working conditions, Violence or Threat, Workers Compensation or Disability Benefits Abuses, or other similar issues.
Fraudulent Activities, Improper Giving or Gifts, Inappropriate Activities, Misuse of Assets, Players or Endorsements, Recruiting Misconduct, Scholarship / Financial Aid Misconduct, Sexual Misconduct, Substance Abuse, or other similar issues.
Risk and Safety Matters
Confidentiality, Data Privacy, Disclosure of Confidential Information, Environmental and Safety Matters, Improper Supplier or Contractor Activity, Improper Use of Intellectual Property, Copyright Violations or Software Piracy, Public Safety, Sabotage or Vandalism, Unsafe working conditions, or other similar issues.
Information Technology
Data Privacy/Integrity, Malicious/Inappropriate Use of Technology, Misuse of Resources, Software Piracy/ Intellectual Property Infringement, or other similar issues.
Academic Affairs
Credentials Misrepresentation, Sexual Harassment, Hazing, Student Safety, Student Travel, Terrorism, Alcohol/Drug Abuse, Cheating/ Plagiarism, Academic Misconduct, or other similar issues.

After you complete your report you will be assigned a unique code called a "report key." Write down your report key and password and keep them in a safe place. After 5-6 business days, use your report key and password to check your report for feedback or questions.

EthicsPoint is NOT a 911 or Emergency Service:
Do not use this site to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response. If you require emergency assistance, please contact your local authorities.