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What is the IHG Confidential Reporting Hotline?

This is an independent, confidential channel via the telephone or internet which can be used by our colleagues and any person with a relationship to IHG including our suppliers and their workers to speak up and report concerns about breaches of our Code of Conduct (for example related to human rights, discrimination or harassment, dangers to health & safety or the environment, accounting and auditing matters, bribery or conflict of interest, insider trading, competition or antitrust violations, falsifying records, fraud or theft, facilitation of tax evasion).

How should I report my concerns?

We hope that you will feel able to report your concerns to appropriate local management in the first instance as this is often the most effective way of obtaining a response. However, for certain matters, we recognize that it may not always be appropriate to do this. In these instances, a confidential report can be filed through the IHG Confidential Reporting Hotline.

Are reports to the IHG Confidential Reporting Hotline secure and confidential?

IHG uses NAVEX’s EthicsPoint case management application to support the administration of the IHG Confidential Reporting Hotline. EthicsPoint is hosted on NAVEX’s secure servers and is not part of IHG website or intranet. EthicsPoint does not capture the Internet Protocol (IP) address or the phone number of the reporter. Any report you make will be kept confidential to the fullest extent possible consistent with law and good business practices.

Can I file a report anonymously?

You will be able to use the online or phone reporting processes to report anonymously if you wish (where allowed by law). However, it may make it difficult to conduct inquiries if you do not provide enough details about the issues reported. That is why it is particularly important for anonymous reporters to regularly log in (using the unique report key and password provided after you have logged your concerns) and check your reports as this will be the only channel available for IHG to ask you for additional detail.

What happens after I contact the IHG Confidential Reporting Hotline?

Once you submit a concern, whether through the website or by phone, you will be given a personalized report key and password which will allow you to return to your report again at any time, either online or by telephone. It is important that you regularly return to your report to answer questions or add further information that will help resolve open issues or monitor the progress of your inquiries and ask questions if you wish.

How does IHG manage my concerns?

IHG has a small group of dedicated personnel who are responsible for reviewing all reports filed on behalf of IHG leaders. EthicsPoint informs these personnel every time a report is filed, they will review it and, when appropriate, will launch internal inquiries to understand the context of your concern. Should one of the dedicated personnel be mentioned in your report, EthicsPoint will ensure that this person cannot access the report.

IHG commits to undertaking inquires for all reports received. You will be notified when the inquiries into your report has been completed. However, for legal reasons, it may not always be possible to inform you of the outcome of our inquiries.

What is IHG's stance on retaliation?

IHG does not permit retaliation against employees making good faith reports of either suspected breaches of the Code of Conduct or suspected violations of the law even if it may result in a loss of business to IHG. If you believe you have faced retaliation of any kind, please report it through the Confidential Reporting Hotline so that IHG can undertake inquiries and take appropriate action.

Are translation services provided?

For online reports, you may file a report online using your local language and translators will translate your report into English.

For telephone reports, you must say the name of your preferred language in English when the operator answers the phone. You will then be passed to a translator who will speak your preferred language.