Speaking Up

Our values and standards are important to us, and we all have a responsibility to speak up where we see a colleague not living up to them. In most instances, this will require us to have the courage to, appropriately and politely, challenge our colleagues in respect of their behaviour.

Sometimes we might feel that their conduct is something best dealt with by a manager, or by our Human Resources team. In those circumstances, we will raise those issues directly with the relevant manager or Human Resources contact. If we feel that neither of these options is possible, then we will use the IMI hotline to report our concerns.

About the IMI Hotline

The IMI hotline is provided by an independent third-party provider (NAVEX Inc.). Whilst this service is anonymous we encourage anyone using it to provide their details as this will allow us a greater opportunity to investigate the issues raised.

All of us can be confident that issues raised via the hotline will be reviewed by appropriate people, and, where appropriate, an investigation will be performed and, in most instances, we will receive some feedback within 30 days.

We know that if we use the hotline to report issues fairly, and without malice or the desire for personal advantage, then we can expect protection from retaliation.

We acknowledge that making false reports or pursuing personal vendettas through the hotline is strictly against our value of integrity and we could be subject to formal disciplinary action if we use the hotline in this way.