UC has partnered with NAVEX/EthicsPoint to provide you with a simple, anonymous way to report activities that may involve illegal, unethical or inappropriate behavior in violation of UC policies. If you file the report via phone, you will first hear a recorded message introducing the NAVEX/EthicsPoint hotline. Then you will be asked to press ‘1’ to speak with a communications specialist. Press ‘1’ to file a report or follow up on an existing report.

UC will use its best efforts to protect those who, in good faith, report suspected illegal, unethical or otherwise inappropriate behavior in violation of UC policies.

After you file a report, an investigation may be performed if an investigation can be done based on the information you have provided in the report. An investigation may involve talking with people identified in your report and examining documents. During the investigation it may be possible for the people that we speak with to determine that you are the reporter, even if we don’t know who you are. Also, UC is a public institution subject to Ohio’s open record law (Sunshine Law). If you choose to submit a report we may need to release your report and investigatory records should a public records request be made.

Over the Phone Anonymous Reporting:

Submit an Anonymous Online Report

Office of Internal Audit
University of Cincinnati
University Hall, Suite 508
51 Goodman Drive, PO Box 210085
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0085
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When to use this Anonymous Reporting Hotline:

  • You are uncomfortable going to your supervisor;
  • To report university activities that are ILLEGAL, UNETHICAL or violate UC policies;
  • Student conduct matters where a student is the subject of the report involving HAZING or SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION/HARASSMENT/VIOLENCE (including partner violence)

When NOT to use this Anonymous Reporting Hotline:

  • THIS IS NOT A 911 OR EMERGENCY SERVICE. If you require an immediate response, call 911;
  • Student conduct matters OTHER THAN hazing or sexual discrimination/harassment/violence. These require reporter identification and should be reported to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards;
  • Student academic misconduct;
  • General or service related complaints