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After you complete your report you will be assigned a unique code called a “report key.” Write down your report key and password and keep them in a safe place. After 5-6 business days, use your report key and password to check your report for feedback or questions.

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Reporting and Resolving Compliance Issues

As one of the largest not-for-profit health care delivery organizations in the country, BJC is committed to improving the health and well being of individuals and communities through leadership, education, innovation and excellence in medicine. High ethical standards and behaviors are the foundation upon which BJC’s success and reputation are built. Each of us is responsible for ensuring that our relationships with all of our constituencies are honest, fair and uphold our corporate and individual integrity.

BJC is committed to possessing and demonstrating the reliability, honesty and trustworthiness expected of a leading healthcare organization and a participant in federally funded health-care programs. Our Compliance Program exemplifies this commitment and reminds us of our obligation to "do the right things, right". Our Code of Conduct provides the organization with a clear perspective and understanding of ethical behavior at BJC, including, reinforcing our obligation to report any issue or practice that we believe in good faith may constitute a violation of the law or BJC’s compliance policies. Of course, employees are encouraged to report and resolve compliance issues using our Four-Step Communication Program, but if an employee feels uncomfortable reporting a compliance issue to his or her supervisor or any other BJC or service organization specific manager, he or she may report the concern anonymously.

BJC has selected EthicsPoint (an outside vendor used by many corporations) to provide you with simple methods to anonymously and confidentially report issues and concerns associated with unethical or illegal activities, or violations of our BJC Code of Ethics. You may file a report through this Web site, or call the ComplianceAction Line at: 800-525-BJC1. You will remain anonymous, and your report will remain confidential unless you choose otherwise. BJC’s policy is that there will be no retaliation against any individual resulting from reporting a valid concern.

The success and integrity of our organization depends upon providing our services in an ethical manner. We appreciate your support and cooperation in helping us to continue to provide the excellent care that we are known for in our region by reporting any ethical concerns that you may have. Please know that by doing so, you are doing the right thing for the protection of patients, caregivers, and our community.

BJC HealthCare Compliance Reporting

Step1: Please choose your location or service organization from the list below:

  • Alton Memorial Hospital
  • BJC Behavioral Health
  • BJC Corporate Health Services
  • BJC HealthCare
  • BJC Home Care Services
  • BJC Medical Group
  • BJH/SLCH Campus Redevelopment
  • Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital
  • Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital
  • Boone Hospital Center
  • Christian Hospital
  • Clay County Hospital
  • LTC—BJ Extended Care
  • LTC—Eunice C. Smith Home
  • LTC—Village North
  • Memorial Hospital (Belleville)
  • Memorial Hospital (Shiloh)
  • Memorial Medical Group
  • Missouri Baptist Hospital Sullivan
  • Missouri Baptist Medical Center
  • Parkland Health Center
  • Progress West HealthCare
  • St. Louis Children’s Hospital
  • Other
—OR— Call 24-Hour COMPLIANCE ACTIONLINE at 1-800-525-BJC1

Step 2: Please select which method you would like to make a report.

  • Contact BJC Corporate Compliance Office
  • Make an On-Line Report