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Compliance and Ethics at Boston Scientific

Compliance Program

Our compliance program is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs and demands of the compliance environment and of Boston Scientific.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is a cornerstone of our compliance program, and provides guidance on business conduct and practices to all Boston Scientific team members.

Our Interactions with U.S. Health Care Providers

We respect the obligation of health care professionals to make independent decisions that are in the best interest of patient care.

Charitable Donations to U.S. HCPs and National Associations

Information on how to request a charitable donation. Charitable Donations to U.S. HCPs and National Associations

Patient Privacy & HIPAA

Learn more about what Boston Scientific does to support health care providers' HIPAA compliance obligations and to respect the privacy of patient information received on the job, consistent with applicable law and regulations.

Report a concern. Obtain guidance. Ask a question.

Integrity concerns arise and can involve good people with the best of intentions. Knowing just what to do can be difficult. The good news is that you have many options.

  • Talk to your manager or your manager's manager.
  • Call Global Compliance, your Human Resources representative, the Legal Department, Corporate Analysis & Control, or any of the resources listed in our Code of Conduct.
  • Call the Advice Line, a toll-free telephone number that anyone can call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Advice Line handles calls in multiple languages. Use the Advice Line to ask a question, obtain guidance, or report an integrity concern.

It is your responsibility to raise immediately any integrity concern or suspected violation of the Code of Conduct or company policy or procedure.


To reach the Office of Global Compliance, email or call 508-382-9444, or visit our website at on the Compliance and Ethics page.

Employees can visit our intranet site at (BSC Confidential Internal Only)