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About the AlixPartners Integrity Line

You may use this AlixPartners Integrity Line to report possible violations of the AlixPartners Code of Conduct, our Core Values, our policies or applicable laws. When you contact the Integrity Line, you can remain anonymous if you choose (where permitted by applicable law). Caller ID is not used and the computer used to fill out an online form is not traced.

Employees who choose to provide their names will have their identities protected except as necessary for us to conduct the investigation, to take any remedial action, or as must be disclosed in accordance with applicable laws.

The Integrity Line is operated by EthicsPoint, an independent, third-party provider, who helps ensure the confidentiality and anonymity of calls.

How to make a report to the Integrity Line

You may file a new report by dialing the designated telephone number or completing an online report. Select your location in the "To File a New Report" box to get started.

How to follow up on an existing report

To follow up on an existing report, enter your unique report key and password in the box at right.

What to expect when making a report

When you make a report, you will be issued a report key and asked to create a password. Make sure to write down your report key and password so you can return to the Integrity Line via phone or the website to check for updates to your report.

Login to the Integrity Line frequently using your report key for confirmation that your report has been received and periodic updates thereafter. Confirmation of receipt is typically provided within 24 hours.

All reports made to the Integrity Line will be promptly and appropriately investigated.

Our approach to investigations

AlixPartners takes every report of suspected misconduct seriously. Every report will undergo an initial review and, as necessary, will be investigated. We are committed to conducting thorough, fair and objective investigations in compliance with all applicable laws.

AlixPartners expects that all reports will be made in good faith. This means that even if the report turns out to be unfounded, you reported it believing it to be true and with no malicious intent.

See the Speak Up and Non-Retaliation Policy for more information.

Commitment to non-retaliation

We truly value the help of employees and others who speak up about suspected misconduct. We strictly prohibit retaliation of any kind against any person for reporting suspected misconduct in good faith.

If you believe you have been retaliated against for making a good faith report of misconduct, report it promptly to Human Resources, Legal/Compliance or by filing a new Integrity Line Report.

See the Speak Up and Non-Retaliation Policy for more information.

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