Utah Valley University


Utah Valley University has selected EthicsPoint, a third-party private contractor, to administer an ethics and compliance hotline. The EthicsPoint service offers independence, confidentiality, and 24 hours per day, 7 days per week availability.

EthicsPoint should be used to report ethical, policy, legal, or financial issues or concerns. For example, unethical behavior, violations of law or policy, potential conflicts of interest, theft, etc. should all be reported. EthicsPoint is designed to report any violation of our stated policies or other concerns you may have. Persons making reports are not required to provide their names. Although EthicsPoint provides the option to report anonymously, be mindful that it can hinder our ability to fully resolve reported concerns. Please periodically log back into your report and answer any follow-up questions we may have posted. Please also provide as many details, specific examples, and supporting documents as possible.

Internal Audit manages the EthicsPoint system and receives every report. Internal Audit conducts fact-finding / investigates reports or assigns them to the appropriate campus department (HR, Title IX, Academic Affairs, etc.). Internal Audit follows up with the assigned department to ensure resolution.

This hotline service does not replace or supersede existing reporting methods. The University encourages employees to bring concerns to their supervisor, Human Resources, or other campus entities as appropriate.

UVU is committed to protecting, to the fullest extent allowed by law and policy, reporters who, in good faith, report suspected unethical or illegal activities. For example, the UVU Code of Conduct states that individuals are expected to never retaliate against another individual for reporting a suspected compliance violation. Various federal and state laws also prohibit retaliation against good faith reporters. For example, the Utah Protection of Public Employees Act protects UVU employees from adverse action for reporting in good faith (1) waste or misuse of public funds, property, or manpower, (2) a violation of law, (3) or gross mismanagement, abuse of authority, or unethical conduct at UVU. To read the act, please go to: https://le.utah.gov/xcode/Title67/Chapter21/C67-21_1800010118000101.pdf.

If you are an assistive technology user and encounter difficulties navigating the webforms, you can also make a report by calling EthicsPoint toll-free (24 hours a day) at 877-228-5401.


To make a report using EthicsPoint you may use either of the following two methods:

1. Dial
(Toll-free: United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, Canada)


2. Select a category below that best represents your concern.

Reporter Responsibilities – Following Up on a Report

After you complete your report you will be assigned a unique code called a "report key." Write down your report key and password and keep them in a safe place. You MUST have this key and password to follow up on your report.

Please wait 5-6 business days for your report to process, and then use your report key and password to check your report for feedback or questions by clicking on the link below.

Reporter participation and follow up is vital. By logging back in and reviewing any questions we have posted for you in EthicsPoint, you give us an opportunity to obtain all the facts necessary to review, investigate, and ultimately resolve your report.

Thank you for helping us in our mission of continuous growth and improvement.