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IDEX Corporation Conduct & Business Ethics

Consistent, high standards of conduct are essential to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers, employees, and shareholders; to complying with applicable laws throughout the world; and to the continued growth, success, and excellent reputation of IDEX.

IDEX’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics provides each employee with guidance and perspective on expected behavior. It is every employee’s responsibility to ensure that these standards are a reality by making the right choices every day. Please take time to review IDEX’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Ask a question and use as the email address for the person to send a question to.

While our businesses strive to achieve market leadership and excellent business results, achieving results through unethical business practices will not be tolerated.

You can use this site to ask questions, seek information or clarification, make suggestions, or file a report about suspected misconduct or violations of ethical business standards. IDEX expects that any information you file in a report is accurate, honest, and forthright to the best of your knowledge, and is submitted in good faith.

The entire IDEX management team and the Board of Directors thank you for your integrity and cooperation in ensuring that our business is conducted with the highest ethical and legal standards.

See the EthicsPoint FAQs for more information.