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"The success of VMware is a direct result of who we are as people and what we value. Our values define us as a company, and differentiate us from our competition. For VMware to continue on its path of proven success, we must live the VMware values at every level in the company. Having a culture of integrity is a key component of our foundation and for our growth. Integrity forms the basis for the VMware Business Conduct Guidelines. These Guidelines outline the standards of behavior expected of each one of us at all times. They are not simply about how to comply with the law. Compliance with the law is the minimum requirement of every person in the VMware community, but acting with integrity and upholding our values means much more."

- Pat Gelsinger, CEO

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VMware Business Conduct Guidelines

Our Business Conduct Guidelines serve to guide the actions of our employees, officers and directors in ways that are consistent with our shared values.

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