“I was taught that we should treat each other the way we would want to be treated, and I believe that’s just as true in the way we run our business. We should act with honesty and integrity, keeping our commitments and earning trust. By earnestly focusing on our ethical business conduct, we are holding ourselves and each other accountable for living our values and carrying out our responsibilities that are critical to our company’s success.”
Kevin Fletcher,
President and Chief Executive Officer
Ethics is everyone's business. Every day. Everywhere.
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To Make a Report


   By Telephone

Meeting high ethical standards

WEC Energy Group is committed to high standards of legal and ethical conduct. Integrity forms the foundation for our guiding values. As an employee, you are essential in ensuring we meet our high ethical standards. It is our resolve to act fairly, honestly and ethically – at ALL times.

Reporting a concern

When reporting a concern, you always have the option of identifying yourself or remaining anonymous. Tracking devices such as caller ID or online tracking are never used, and your call is not recorded. Revealing your identity is entirely your choice. If you choose to remain anonymous, it is especially important to include all relevant information (dates, names, location, witnesses, etc.). All reports are addressed promptly.

Checking back on the case

Whether you report a concern anonymously or provide your name, it is important that you retain your report key number and password and check back on your case. If you reported anonymously, additional information may be needed to properly look into a matter. Checking back also gives you the most recent status of the case and the outcome.

Prohibiting retaliation

WEC Energy Group prohibits retaliation against employees who report questionable ethical conduct in good faith; who provide information or otherwise help in an investigation; or who file, testify, participate in or otherwise help in any proceedings related to matters brought to the company’s attention. We prohibit any adverse action taken – including discharge, demotion, suspension, threats, harassment or any other form of retaliation – as a result of your involvement in the reporting or investigation of questionable ethical conduct. The identity of anyone reporting possible violations will be kept confidential to the extent reasonably possible.