Spectris Hotline

The Spectris Code of Business Ethics outlines the guiding principles by which all employees in the group must abide. It is designed to ensure that all employees make decisions that are consistent with our values. A copy of the Spectris Code of Business Ethics can be downloaded from the site.

This Spectris Hotline provides a secure and confidential way to report activities which could be in violation of the Code's requirements. Employees should in the first instance consider raising concerns with local management. If, however, any employee has a concern that he/she is not comfortable raising with his/her manager, or it has been raised but has not been properly addressed, then he/she may use this confidential reporting line. The report will be handled by an independent representative who will identify the concern and forward it to the appropriate Spectris plc representative.

Although we would encourage employees to provide their names in confidence, you may if you wish, outline your concerns anonymously.

The company is committed to addressing all concerns made in good faith.

Attention! This web page is hosted on EthicsPoint's secure servers and is not part of the Spectris website or intranet.