Ethics and Fraud Reporting

To Make a Report

You may use either of the following two methods to submit a report:

  • Select the "Make a Report" link at the top of this web page.
  • OR
  • Dial toll-free, within the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico and Canada:

After you complete your report you will be assigned a unique code called a "report key." Write down your report key and password and keep them in a safe place. After 5-6 business days, use your report key and password to check your report for feedback or questions.


When you observe behavior that you believe violates college policies and/or procedures, we expect you to report it. Ideally, you should bring any concerns forward to your direct supervisor, SLT member or other member of our management team; however, we recognize that there may be circumstances when you are not comfortable reporting issues in this manner. It is for such circumstances that we have partnered with EthicsPoint. We would rather you report anonymously than keep the information to yourself.

Our Commitment

The San Jacinto Community College District (SJCCD) recognizes its obligation to employees and constituents to maintain the highest ethical standards. SJCCD has established an ethics reporting system to provide a way to anonymously and confidentially report concerns that may involve financial misconduct, suspected wrongdoing or fraudulent behavior. SJCCD has selected EthicsPoint to provide this service for the College community. You may file a report on this website, or you may do so by telephone through the EthicsPoint Call Center by dialing toll-free 1.844.673.8240.

SJCCD guarantees reports submitted to EthicsPoint will be handled promptly and discreetly. No retaliatory action will be taken against anyone for reporting or inquiring in good faith or for seeking guidance on how to deal with potential or suspected wrongdoing.

SJCCD expects that reports submitted through the Ethics Hotline will be made in good faith to address legitimate issues needing correction, or to otherwise provide reliable information. Reports found to be intentionally false or misleading serve only to degrade the level of trust and openness with employees, vendors and other members of the College community. Such reports are unwelcome and violate the terms and conditions the reporter must agree to prior to submitting a report.

Please understand that this site is meant for reporting allegations about financial misconduct, suspected wrongdoing or fraud. Issues and/or questions related to Human Resources such as discrimination or harassment, grievance with the College, etc. would be more appropriately addressed with the immediate supervisor, appropriate administrator or the Human Resource Department. Additionally, this reporting system should not be used to report emergencies, crimes or situations placing the caller or someone else in imminent danger. These activities should be reported immediately to the Campus Police Department at 281-476-9128.

Policy III.3003.A Ethical Conduct and Conflicts of Interest

Procedure 3003.A.a Ethical Conduct and Conflicts of Interest

Policy III.3003.B Prevention of Fraud and Fraudulent Actions

Procedure III.3003.B.a Prevention of Fraud and Fraudulent Actions

Policy IV.4002.A, Protection From Retaliation For Reporting Suspected Wrongdoing

Procedure IV.4002.A.A, Protection From Retaliation For Reporting Suspected Wrongdoing

See the EthicsPoint FAQs for more information.