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Parkland Integrity Line

You may choose to report a concern or ask a question anonymously.

To ensure anonymity and confidentiality, the Parkland Integrity Line is maintained by a third party company, EthicsPoint. Your call or internet IP address will not be traced or recorded. If you provide contact information, your identity will be protected to the extent allowed by law and to the extent that it does not hinder the investigation. Each report will be investigated as merited and corrective actions will be taken where needed.

Non-Retaliation Policy

No disciplinary action or retaliation will be taken against you when you report in good faith a perceived issue, problem, concern, or violation (by others) to management, Human Resources or the Compliance and Ethics Department.

Message from Compliance and Ethics

Parkland Health & Hospital System’s (“Parkland’s”) commitment to compliance and ethics is essential to our core business practices and is critical to the success of our mission.

Parkland employees have a duty to follow the Code of Conduct & Ethics and report any situation that could potentially lead to actions that violate Parkland policy, the Code of Conduct & Ethics, laws or regulations.

Melanie Roberts
SVP/Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer

What happens when you make a report?

Report Submitted EthicsPoint Notifies Parkland Compliance and Ethics Department Reviews Report Concern Investigated Parkland Follows up as Needed
Report concerns immediately, a delay on your part could be serious for yourself, others, and Parkland. Ask a question about Parkland’s Code of Conduct and Ethics or an ethical situation you have encountered. When you report a concern, you will receive a unique identifier to track the status of your report.