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Report a Concern

Report a concern any time you come across a situation that appears to violate Parkland’s Code of Conduct and Ethics, a policy, law, or regulation. Please report concerns immediately because a delay on your part could be serious for yourself, others and Parkland.

You are encouraged to use the following steps to resolve any questions or concerns you may have:

  • Discuss the question or concern with your direct supervisor. Give your supervisor a chance to solve the problem. He or she is most familiar with the laws, regulations, and policies that relate to your work.
  • If you are not comfortable with talking to your supervisor or feel you did not receive an adequate response, contact your supervisor’s manager or another member of the management team.
  • Contact your Human Resources (“HR”) Business Partner or another member of the HR Division.
  • Contact the Parkland Office of Corporate Compliance & Ethics at (214) 590-1171.

You may also choose to report a concern anonymously through the Parkland Integrity Line.

If you have a concern related to quality of care or patient harm, before the end of your work day or shift, you should file a report through the Safety Center located on Parkland’s intranet page. If you are involved in, or made aware of, a serious patient safety event, promptly page the on call Patient Safety/Risk Manager via the Smart Web On Call Directory.

Report Online

After you submit your report, you will be assigned a unique report key. Use this report key along with a password you set to track your report.

Report by Phone

Agents are available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1-800-351-0093.

Track Previous Report

Track your concern using your report key and password you set.