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City of Portland Auditor's Office
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(available 24 hours a day):






(You’ll need the Report Key and password from your original report)

The Fraud Hotline is
NOT for reporting emergencies.

Don’t use this hotline site to report issues that present an immediate threat to life or property; call 911 or local authorities instead. Reports made to this hotline will not receive an immediate response.

If you know or suspect something is wrong, make sure we know, too.

The Fraud Hotline is here for City of Portland employees and the public to report suspected fraud, waste or misuse of City resources by City employees, contractors, board members or anyone representing the City, as well as abuse of position by City employees. Anyone can file a report, and you can choose to identify yourself or report anonymously.

All reports are received by the Audit Services Division of the independent, impartial City Auditor’s Office. After an initial review we may investigate further ourselves, or may refer the report to a more appropriate agency if needed.

To file a report

You can file a report by phone at 866-342-4148, or through this website by using this link.

When you file a report, please provide as much detail as possible; try to be able to answer Who, What, When, Where and How before you contact us. Be as descriptive as possible, including dates, names, locations, amounts and witnesses. The more details you can provide, the more effectively we can investigate your report. You can also upload or provide documentation if you have it.

To file a report anonymously

You have the right to report anonymously. If you do, please note the Report Key that is provided when you’ve filled out the report form or completed a call to the hotline, and check back periodically. This is how we can communicate with you for follow-up questions or resolutions; this key is unique to you, and you can use it to follow up to see if we have questions or to check your report’s status.


Reporting fraud, waste and abuse of position is the best way to eliminate it.