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File a report by Phone:

  • Call 866-355-7878 (toll-free in the US and Canada)

OR file a report online by choosing an Issue:

Academic Misconduct Any form of unethical behavior that violates the integrity of the academic process, such as bestowing or seeking academic favors or advancements on the basis of friendship or gifts, concealing conflicts of interest, or deliberate failure to meet professional obligations. Athletics All issues dealing with the university athletic department including violations of NCAA rules/regulations, influencing outcomes of events, gambling, misuse of university equipment/property, falsifying academic accomplishments, or inappropriate relationships or interactions with any individual while acting as a University employee. Employment Matters Harassment, discrimination, threats or other forms of misconduct, policy violations or violation of collective bargaining agreements. Financial Matters Accounting, financial, stewardship, internal control, fraud, theft or other financial issues. Violations of conflict of interest statements Legal Matters Confidentiality or data privacy issues. Violations dealing with patents or copyrights. Violations of contracts, agreements, Federal, State or local laws, ordnances or mandates. Medical & Safety Vandalism, unsafe working conditions, environmental issues or other issues dealing with student or employee health or safety Research & Grants All issues related to research including projects, funding, reporting, methods and integrity. All issues relating to grants including funding, employment, reporting, disclosure, or standards. Other Use this category if you believe the definitions above do not describe the events, action, or subject you wish to report.

At the University of New Haven, we provide world-class educational programs that prepare our students to lead meaningful lives in a global society and instill in them the highest ethical standards and principles. We achieve these goals not only by our words but in our deeds as well; therefore, we must demonstrate our own integrity if we expect others to follow.

It is with these goals in mind that I have established the University of New Haven Ethical Violation Reporting System. Administered by a third party unaffiliated with the University of New Haven, this telephone and web-based system will provide employees, and any other individual having business with the University, a confidential and anonymous means of reporting policy violations, fraud, abuse or any other misconduct they may be aware of within the University.

I encourage all employees to continue to bring issues and concerns to the attention of their supervisors or the Department of Human Resources; however, the University of New Haven Ethical Violation Reporting System is available to you in those situations where you feel strongly about remaining anonymous or believe further action is required.

I also would like to remind you that the University has a Whistleblower Policy that prohibits retaliation against any person who, in good faith, makes a complaint, voices a concern or cooperates in an investigation against the University or a University employee. This Ethical Violation Reporting System is here for you, and I encourage you to use it when necessary to help us continue to achieve the goals we have set for the University and for ourselves.

Thank you,

Steven H. Kaplan

After you complete your report you will be assigned a unique code called a "report key." Write down your report key and password and keep them in a safe place. After 5-6 business days, use your report key and password to check your report for feedback or questions.