HSHS Compliance Line

Our Commitment

HSHS is committed to maintaining a system-wide compliance program ensuring we comply with the laws and regulations applicable to our business. Our Code of Conduct sets forth the general guidelines for conducting our business with the highest ethical principles.

We are committed to open honest communication and encourage you to contact any member of your leadership team or the system compliance team with compliance related questions or concerns.

In situations where you don’t feel comfortable discussing questions or concerns with a team member or you wish to remain anonymous we encourage you to use this site or the HSHS Compliance Line telephone number to make a report.

To Make a Report

After you file your report either on this site or via the telephone, you will be provided a unique code called a report key which will allow you to follow up on your report. Please write down your report key and password and keep it in a safe place. Please use your report key and password to periodically check your report for feedback or questions.