Living a Legacy of Trust - What’s your role:

Making the right decision when faced with an ethical dilemma can be difficult, unless there is a consistent set of ethical principles to follow. For us these principles are contained in the USP Code of Ethics (Code).

Our Code is simply more than a set of rules, it has real implications for our success and reputation. It’s the foundation of trust without which we simply cannot achieve our global health impact mission.

To protect our Legacy of Trust USP offers this twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week online and telephone Help line reporting service provided by Ethics Point. The Help line is a confidential service, that provides an alternate or anonymous method to ask questions or report concerns. Additional resources for reporting or getting answers to ethical questions can also be found in the USP Code of Ethics – Ask Questions and Report Concerns.

All concerns raised will be investigated in a full, fair and impartial manner. Also consistent with our zero-tolerance policy for retaliation anyone raising a concern in good faith may not be retaliated against.

Use this Helpline to report any concerns you have or ask questions when unclear about the ethical nature of any conduct. Play a role in protecting our Legacy of Trust.