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Ethics Line

Votorantim has an Ethics Line in order to learn about, analyze and solve issues regarding its Code of Conduct. This channel may be accessed both by internal and external audiences.

Impartial and transparent, the company ensures the confidentiality of all information, preserving the identity of people involved, and collaborating to promote a better environment for everyone. The Ethics Line may be contacted to clarify doubts regarding the interpretation of the Code of Conduct, and to make complaints of violation of the Code of Conduct, such as corruption, and unethical behavior and procedures.

Every complaint received by Votorantim will be treated confidentially. No retaliation will be accepted against anyone who makes a report in good faith.

The issues presented to the Ethics Line are analyzed by members of the Group's management. With integrity and focus, these members seek to find solutions for the situations presented to them, providing answers to those who complain no matter if they identify themselves, through a passcode given in the process of registering a complaint.

Thank you for your continued commitment to upholding the reputation of Votorantim around the world.